CNN has obtained a video, taken shortly after Michael Brown was shot, that shows a contractor who had been working near the shooting site describing the incident in a manner that matches other eyewitness testimony—raising his arms and shouting “man, he was going like this,” as if to suggest that Brown had adopted a posture of surrender before he died.

Two contractors are shown in the video, and both have spoken to CNN; one also spoke previously to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and one to Fox affiliate KTVI. The individual who is shouting and raising his arms in in the video told CNN that “the cop didn’t say get on the ground. He just kept shooting.” The other said that he saw officer Darren Wilson “chasing” Brown, that Wilson fired a shot at Brown while Brown’s back was turned, and that Brown raised his hands before he died, though it’s not clear at what point the witness saw Brown’s hands raised. (For what it’s worth, it seems like the worker who spoke to KTVI is the one wearing a pink shirt in the video and that the worker who spoke to the Post-Dispatch is wearing a green shirt.)

The CNN account notes that the workers are not from Ferguson and did not know the Brown family—a detail that could increase their perceived objectivity vis a vis witnesses from Brown’s neighborhood.

33 Days since Mike Brown’s murder, and his killer, Darren Wilson, is still a free man. How much more evidence is needed to make a fucking arrest?!  #farfromover #staywoke #ArrestDarrenWilson 

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"Oh this darn wind does nothing for the hair style…"

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Remember That Great Texas Textbook Debate? Wait Till You See The Books.


Remember That Great Texas Textbook Debate? Wait Till You See The Books.

Remember the Great Texas Textbook Debate?

Yeah, four years later they’ve arrived, along with reviews by independent organizations who have some serious issues with their content. Here are some of the highlights from the Texas Freedom Network. A meeting is scheduled on September 16th for the Texas State Board of Education to adopt these texts. Have a peek at what they’d be adopting, should they go through as written.

Free Enterprise

The text’s treatment of the free enterprise system is almost uniformly celebratory.

A few examples: “The atmosphere of a free market, as well as a free society that encourages the exchange of ideas, can and often does lead to innovation and scientific and technological discoveries. All these conditions promote growth in the economy and often improve the quality of everyday life.”

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